Mobile Content Bits: Vodafone/Foursquare, FoneStarz/Disney; 3UK/Warner Bros


Credit: Foursquare

Vodafone/Foursquare: A European operator deal for the location-aware mobile social media app. Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) UK customers can now “check-in” to Foursquare, through Vodafone’s live! portal, through the MyWeb sign-on, or by texting Foursquare to 97886. Normal data charges still apply to use the app, though.

FoneStarz/Disney: More content deals for Vodafone…the Vodafone 360 app store will now feature apps for various Disney (NYSE: DIS) brands. They are being developed by FoneStarz, which had a pre-existing relationship with Disney, building and managing its mobile content portals in the UK and eight other countries.

3UK/Warner Bros.: The mobile operator has now added WarnerTV to its subscription VOD service, which it launched back in November 2009 in partnership with Mobix Interactive (part of the On Demand Group division of SeaChange). The deal gives 3UK subscribers access to full-length episodes of Warner Bros. (NYSE: TWX) TV shows such as “Two and a Half Men,” “The Mentalist,” and “Friends.”

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