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What’s Next For HTC Now That Apple’s Filed Suit?

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While no one wants to wake up to the news that Apple — one of the most successful consumer brands — has filed a lawsuit against you, in this case, little-known HTC must have celebrated just a tiny bit.

In 13 years, the Taiwanese has grown to more than 9,000 employees worldwide, including 3,000 engineers and 125 employees in North America. Last year, it hit its stride by releasing some of the flashiest non-iPhone devices on the market, like the Hero, the T-Mobile myTouch and the HD 2. That’s a far cry from the first iPaq personal computer it built for Compaq 10 years ago. Now HTC is in the company of Nokia (NYSE: NOK), which has also exchanged patent disputes with Apple (NSDQ: AAPL).

While the lawsuit may represent some well-deserved recognition, it will also present significant distractions for the small company and increase legal scrutiny it potentially wasn’t prepared for.

2 Responses to “What’s Next For HTC Now That Apple’s Filed Suit?”

  1. The real back story is Taiwan is a hotbed area for entrepreneurs to create market disruptive technology. It is not only HTC as you see everything from e-readers to digital signage made in Taiwan available to the regular guy to compete against the larger technology firms.

    HTC is not a weak herd by any stretch of the imagination – they got over a billion people market to sell phones outside of the USA and that is the real threat….