iPad to Hit Stores March 10, But Only for Employees?


Sources from within Apple (s aapl) are claiming that the iPad will be in stores starting March 10, if a recent Examiner post is to be believed.

Examiner’s report claims that the tablet devices will be hitting Apple retail stores early in order to give employees and employees only, plenty of time to get up-to-speed with using the new tablet device, ahead of its official launch.

The iPad is expected to arrive before the month is out, with many blogs increasingly hinting at a March 26 launch date. Examiner sources, which allegedly include an anonymous “Apple Store manager in Southern California,” also claimed that the iPad’s advertisement campaign will kick off around the 15th of this month. The advertisement campaign is said to be focusing heavily on the iBookstore and e-book capabilities of the upcoming device, no doubt with an intent to take some steam out of the Kindle’s successes.

Finally, the Examiner report also hinted that individuals who set up camp ahead of the launch, in order to become one of the first to get their hands on an iPad, will be rewarded. Just what this Apple related reward may be is unknown.

However, despite all the detailed dates, rumors of possible production problems could negate the planned launch. Let’s just hope it doesn’t.


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Well wish I would have read this one earlier, but I did here about this when it happened. Glad someone has pointed it out.

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I like ipad very much,it cool and Convenient.It should not only for Employees,It need for more people who like it


does other stuff besides ipad come out on march 10th? like 2010 mac pro, and i3 i5 & i7 macbook pro

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do u work at apple


I doubt they are true. It will take from the anticipation momentum if they did.


I don’t think you read that right. They’ll ship some units to the stores so the employees can get training on them. The audience is everyday person, so you want to make sure than when showing everyday person, you make it look easy and slick.
If the question “How do I do this?” is answered by “I’m not sure.”

Future Schema

Looks like there will be a store manager job opening up in Southern California if the rumor can be verified as true.

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