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The Re-Making Of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) unveiled a completely new smartphone operating system last month that in no way resembles its past corporate image. The new Windows Phone 7 fits somewhere between Bing’s visually appealing user interface and the consumer friendliness of a Zune music player.

But to make the necessary leap required to compete with Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft had to start from scratch. In a New York Times story detailing Microsoft’s overhaul of its mobile division, Terry Myerson, the VP in charge of Windows Phone engineering said:

One Response to “The Re-Making Of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7”

  1. Hey Tricia, good for Microsoft. Finally, a sign that they are willing to make the hard choice of breaking with the past in order to do something bold for the future. We need more of this from Microsoft in order for them to innovate and develop new platforms. To date, they have too often chosen the easier road of avoiding the pain of incompatibility and as a result suffering the mediocrity of incrementalism. Cheers to Ballmer & company for mustering the courage it takes to do something great.

    –Ben Elowitz
    CEO | Wetpaint |