2 Responses to “Updated: Disney, Cablevision Fight Over Cost Of ‘Free’ TV; Subs May Lose WABC”

  1. Claudia Parker

    Cablevision is being absolutely fair in their reasoning regarding ABC’s demands. ABC Parent company gets $200M per/year and now they want $40M more? If Cablevision gives in to their demands, they will have to raise the rates to us subscribers. Mr. Iger, give up a portion of the $72M you made in salary and bonuses for the past 2 years at ABC so that Cablevision won’t have to increase subscribers’ fees.

  2. I support Cablevision with this efort to keep costs down for us all. ABC is ownd by Disney Corporation, as is ESPN, which is a big part of our cable bill. which goes up by 20% each year. We all subsidize network television with our tax dollars and it should be free. Disney revenues are down. This is just another method for getting big bonuses to unsuccessful executives.