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Movieclips Goes Global, Opens Up API

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Join the Community!, the online video site for distributing short-form clips of Hollywood movies, has expanded the availability of its library, opening up the site for viewing worldwide. The company has also released an API for others to develop applications that take advantage of its video selections.

That’s good news for movie fans worldwide, as Movieclips has a 12,000-plus library of film clips licensed from six major Hollywood studios: 20th Century Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. The site itself is easy to navigate and the video player provides pretty high-quality video streaming of the clips, rivaling sites like Hulu for actual user experience. Movieclips also makes it easy for user to share clips, with embed codes and social sharing links to sites like Twitter and Facebook built into each clip’s page.

While Movieclips is going international, not all clips in its library will be available across all geographies. Because different titles have different streaming rights, some clips can’t be shown. However, the good news is that the site determines which clips are not available and weeds them out so that users can’t see them from the homepage or search if the title is not allowed to be streamed in a certain market.

To roll out all its 12,000 clips, the founders ran scripts to determine which movie clips were popular across a number of other video sharing sites, but ripped, encoded, and added metadata for the clips themselves. That enabled them to create a vast store of information about all the videos in the library, with up to 1,000 pieces of metadata available for each clip, making clips easily discoverable both on the site and through web search engines. is privately held, with about 20 full-time employees and 30 freelancers that help with clipping and tagging new clips added to the system. The company has some serious board members, including former President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Sid Ganis and former Marvel Studios President Michael A. Helfant. The site is ad-free while it is in beta, but the site eventually plans to make money by placing ads and sponsorships against the videos, which it will be rolling out over the next few months.

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