Macworld Expo 2010: Cool Product Finds From the Show Floor


I saw some great products at the recent Macworld expo. Here are a few items that grabbed my attention.

Navigon for iPhone: The latest release of Navigon MobileNavigator for iPhone has added a new panorama 3D view that uses terrain elevation data from NASA. The feature is available via in-app purchase. I also got a hands-on demo of the MyRoutes feature which will show you three different route choices to find the best combination of speed and distance for you.

DJay Software with Spin Controller: The thing I love about the Djay Software with the Spin hardware controller is that it is a real DJ system for the Mac. It’s not a game like DJ Hero or something. You can spin records right from your iTunes library. You get some added digital benefits like automatic tempo matching so you can concentrate more on the music and less on the technical bits of DJ-ing. Here Karim of algoriddim (and the man behind the DJay software) demonstrates a few aspects of the controller.

Batteries: My iPhone was nearly dead at the end of every day at the Expo. For the first time, I started shopping for an extra battery. I like the ones that plug in to the dock connector with a cable like the Richard Solo and HyperMac batteries. The HyperMac stuff is not cheap, but really nice looking. I think I’m about ready to splash out for the HyperMac Micro. With this bad boy, I could play iPhone games for much longer on a weekend camping trip. Hmm, I wonder if that’s a good thing?

VESA mounts: I’ve been wanting to mount my screen on an adjustable arm for a long time, if only to clear some desk space. If you need an arm, then you should check out the top-quality products from Flatscreen Arms. These are unique in that they connect directly to the built-in pivot in the 24″ and 27″ iMacs rather than relying on the Apple VESA-mount adapter. It is a much cleaner look than what is normally available and the gas-shock arms will hold a 27″ iMac without drooping. You’ll find cheaper arms out there, but I do not know of anything better.

MacSpeech Scribe: This new product from MacSpeech lets you transcribe recordings to text. You can “train” the software to learn a certain voice from recordings by correcting the transcription. I see a lot of uses for this software where the full MacSpeech product does not always make sense. For example, a professor can use MacSpeech Scribe to create a transcription of a lecture podcast to make the lecture searchable on the web.

Microvision ShowWX: $499 for a tiny battery-powered ShowWX microprojector sounds like a great deal for all the road warriors out there. I’d much rather throw this in my bag instead of taking another carry-on. Check out the demo of the infinite focus. The scan lines and hot spot are an artifact of the camcorder and are not visible in person.

What did you see at Macworld Expo that you thought was cool?

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