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Comcast’s iPhone App Now Lets You Record On-The-Go; BlackBerry App Next

Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) has updated its mobile application for the iPhone and iPod Touch to enable customers to update their DVR settings remotely, including the ability to search and schedule new recordings, cancel recordings and sort TV listings by category.

The free application, which launched last summer, extended most Comcast services, such as access to email, voicemail, address book, TV listings, to the phone. With the addition of remote DVR functionality, the application does a good job of replicating most of Comcast’s services — that is, except for watching TV. In the coming months, Comcast says it will launch an app for Research In Motion’s Blackberry devices.

The update will be available in iTunes as of today, however, not all Comcast customers will have immediate access to the new features. Rather it will become available as Comcast rolls out its new Program Guide, which is now available to roughly 3.1 million homes.

In a blog post today, Cathy Avgiris, Comcast’s SVP and General Manager of communications and data services, said the app was downloaded more than 100,000 downloads in less than a week after launching last year, but one of the most requested features was being able to program the DVR from a phone. Avgiris wrote: “Comcast Mobile applications are part of our vision to extend the accessibility of our video, voice and data products by making them available anywhere and on any device.”

Other features include: push alerts that indicate when new Comcast emails and voicemails have arrived; the ability to forward pictures and voice mails as an attachment; mark unwanted emails as spam; and access external (POP/IMAP) email accounts.

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  1. Brooklyn

    think the TV app is definitely a good idea and I know that Xfinity customers
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