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HP Touches the 2740p Tablet PC

HP (s hpq) has refreshed one of my favorite Tablet PCs, and while the 2740p is much the same as the 2730p, a new touch option has been added. The dual digitizer rounds out the original pen input with full Windows 7 (s msft) touch control. HP is still offering the slice battery and the ultra-slim docking station options, which are both the best in class for extending the 2740p for extended use scenarios.

The 12.1-inch screen only displays 1280×800 resolution; it’s a shame they don’t offer a higher resolution option for those who prefer one.  The touch screen is an outdoor viewable screen.

There are high-performance Intel (s intc) CPU options available for the first time in this product line — either a Core i5 or a Core i7 processor can be configured.  Up to 8 GB of memory and 320 GB of hard drive storage can be configured.

HP is also unveiling the HP Day Starter utility on the 2740p and all ProBook and EliteBook notebooks. Day Starter is a Linux application that comes on within five seconds of hitting the Power button and provides a look at the day’s schedule, along with battery status. The system continues to boot in the background while Day Starter is displayed, allowing the user to see Outlook (only) schedule information without affecting system boot time. HP Day Starter is for information only, no interaction with the information displayed is possible.

The 2740p will be available in early April at a starting price of $1,599 through normal HP channels.

If you are thinking that the 2740p looks the same as the 2730p, you are correct. My video review of the 2730p gives a comprehensive overview of the 2730p, along with a comparison of the older 2710p. Have a look if you’re wondering what the new 2740p will look like in action.

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14 Responses to “HP Touches the 2740p Tablet PC”

  1. Thanks for nice video…
    in today market only two brands are there ..
    one is dell and other one HP…now HP is bigger competition for dell because HP’s price and quality is good that can beat dell…
    i like your review..

  2. Great review, thanks. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the release of this bad boy and found it available today but with only 2 configurations available, both i5.

    Any ideas as to when HP will let us customize these before buying them?

  3. Have you check the dimensions of the 2740p on It is much bigger than the 2730p and 2710p! (they are 14.7 x 9.9 x 1.28 in inch)
    Moreover, with the 35W max TDP of core i7 and core i5 rather than the lowwer TDP of core 2 duo SL, I think the new 2740p will have only 3 hours or less of battery life

  4. I agree with David, as a student I’ve been struggling to make a decision between this and the TouchSmart TM2. Would greatly appreciate your perspective comparison.

    • It seems that the only pro-TM2 argument would be cost — the TM2 will be much less expensive than the HP EliteBook 2740p. After that, however, the 2740p strides on ahead:

      1) The 2740p weighs 3.4lbs (4.4 with the slim battery) while the TM2 weighs 4.7lbs. As a student, weight is a HUGE issue — even the 0.5 lbs difference is big when you consider you’ll be lugging it around for hours on end.

      2) The 2740p has the optional slim battery. When you’re in classes all day, you’ll need something that will last you a long time.

      3) The 2740p is more rugged — it’s been through military-grade tests. It’ll be much less susceptible to break and if you’re into partying and all that, it’ll also be less susceptible to spills.

      4) The 2740p just looks better. If you’re in Grad School, especially, it’ll make you look more distinguished (or so I’d like to think).

      5) I also think the TM2’s screen is more glossy (less anti-glare?) than the HP EliteBook 2740p. I could be mistaken, but that’s the impression I get after I watch a few reviews of each.

      If you’re looking for something light on your wallet, I’d go with the TM2, but if you think you can manage it, the HP EliteBook 2740p seems like it’d last you a lot longer.

      (I know this isn’t JK’s perspective that you’ve asked for, but I figured I’d throw in my 2 cents.)

      I hope this helps ^_^

  5. No HDMI? Only 2 USB ports, 1 on each side of the machine? I’ve got one of those usb powered usb drives that uses the y connector. The ports need to be adjacent.

    Does HP or Lenovo make a convertible with an HDMI port? I mean a real business class tablet machine like this or the x200t. I want to be able to plug the machine into an hdmi monitor or hdtv without messing with a docking station.

    • That’s a tough question to answer as we all have different needs. I used the 2710p for over a year in my highly mobile consulting work, and it was a superb solution to what I needed. The x200t is a solid performer too, so I wouldn’t have a problem with either device. I do much prefer the slice battery on the 2740p over a 2nd battery for the x200t, though.

  6. Henry Cañizares

    very nice upgrade for my HP 2710p which i bought last July 2009, awesome product, quality superb
    multi touch very good for web surfing and ebook reading