Verizon Nexus One Hits FCC?

nexus one thumb

The Nexus One is the hottest Android phone available, at least until the Desire hits user’s hands. In the U.S. the Nexus One is being sold direct by Google for use on the T-Mobile network. The carrier is also selling the Nexus One. It is known that Verizon will be supporting the Nexus One at some point, and the FCC is leading us to believe that may be pretty soon.

The unwiredview has spotted the CDMA version of a phone made by HTC (maker of the Nexus One), with a model number that implies this is the Verizon Nexus One. The current Nexus One is model #PB99100, and the new model at the FCC is model #PB99300.

As a Verizon customer, and as one who covets the Nexus One, this is great news if it pans out. The Nexus One is an outstanding phone, and coupling that with the Verizon network would be the perfect match.

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