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Poll: What’s Your Take on NBC’s Online Olympics Coverage?

With the 2010 Winter Olympics winding down in Vancouver this weekend, broadcasters and online video platforms alike are getting ready for a tally of their Olympic audience. Special attention is going to be reserved for NBC (s GE), who decided for the first time to restrict much of its live online video coverage to paying cable, satellite and IPTV customers.

NBC did loosen its grip in recent days, streaming a few choice games without these types of access restrictions. We’ll have to wait and see whether that has helped the network with its online ratings. However, numbers are one thing, actual experience is another. That’s why we want to hear from you. Did you watch the Olympics on NBC’s web site? Did you have trouble with their access restrictions? Or did you find other ways to watch the games online?

Please take a minute to answer the following poll, and feel free to elaborate further in the comments! Multiple answers are possible.

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5 Responses to “Poll: What’s Your Take on NBC’s Online Olympics Coverage?”

  1. Madman459

    I am a Mac user too, though I already had Silverlight installed.

    It’s brutal. With nothing running except for my browser, and that only having the window playing the video, Silverlight used 130% (out of a possible 200, dual core intel processor) of my processor capacity. Trying to watch two video streams rendered them both jerky and unwatchable. At one point, it crashed my Mac with a kernal panic and I haven’t watched any video there since.

    Having to jump through the authorization hoops in order to have this miserable viewing experience only added insult to injury.

    Silverlight is horrible and I will forever go out of my way to not use it again.

    • Raises Hand

      Odd, our entire company is mac based (50+ employees) and pretty much across the board Silverlight’s performance handily trumps that of Adobe Flash.

  2. My efforts to view Olympic coverage of a couple of events that I missed when they were late on cable TV were met with this admonition from NBC: “You’re one simple step from… Clicking the button above will upgrade your browser with the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight.” This is unacceptable to me to have to download a M$ product to watch a video on my Mac.

    Past Olympics had published schedules so that viewers were able to watch events when they occurred as well as to plan their viewing times. $$$