Cliqset Now Integrates With Evernote


The recent snowmageddon that hit the east coast of the United States kept me inside writing and catching up on tech news. I also took stock of the growing role of social media in my communications workflow. So the news that Cliqset, a social media aggregator, now integrates with Evernote really caught my attention, and I decided to try it out for myself.

My first stop was to sign up for a Cliqset account. I then set up my account to talk to my Friendfeed, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Twitter accounts.  Finally, I authorized Cliqset in Evernote (following nearly the same process as I used when I integrated Twitter and Evernote.)

Sending social media content from Cliqset to Evernote is as easy as selecting the Evernote icon and then clicking the “Share” button to send the item to your Evernote account.  What I really like here is how cleanly the integration packages the information you are sending to Evernote. Once the content is in your Evernote account, you can collaborate with other Evernote users or save it for your own reference. A small but nice touch is that the integration adds a Cliqset tag to any content you send into Evernote, offering you an easy stepping stone to better organizing your content.

As of this writing, the Cliqset social media stream is still in its infancy as far as content providers and members go; if you don’t find what you want in the social stream you can use the Cliqset Firefox Extension that enables you to capture content from web sites outside the Cliqset social stream. Clicking on the extension’s toolbar button launches a dialog box with the same sharing options and Evernote integration you enjoy from within Cliqset.

While I have some doubts as to whether I need yet another research tool, the neat packaging of content I sent in from Cliqset and the Cliqset Firefox extension resulted in a lot cleaner reference material than the web clippings I usually capture during my online research, so I may yet find a way to squeeze it into my workflow.

Have you tried out the Cliqset/Evernote integration? Share your experience below.

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I am in the process of trying it, but I do not like the fact that I have to build my social graph from scratch on the site and the bookmarklet is too lousy – I would like to have the option to select vidoes, pieces of text images for example. So far nothing can match the & frienddeed in this aspect.

Will Kelly

@Coby Yes. You have to have an account with both services. I regularly use the Evernote add-ons for both Firefox and Chrome and found while the clipping offered by this app could be considered redundant, though it did a cleaner job of capturing information.


Based on the way you’ve described Cliqset above, as it relates to Evernote anyway, makes me assume that having accounts with both would be redundant, would it not? Evernote, as I’m sure you know, has a Firefox add-on that allows you to “clip” selected content (or an entire web page) from the page you’re browsing, just by clicking on the Evernote icon the add-on installs in your browsers’ toolbar. Guess I should check out Cliqset to see what makes it different from Evernote. Thanks for exposing a new app though!

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