Video @ paidContent2010: The Market For ‘Enhanced’ E-Books, And New Mobile Revenue Sources


At our first paidContent2010 conference, Elinor Hirschhorn, Simon & Schuster’s EVP & chief digital officer, spoke about the potential for book-online video hybrids such as Vook. “Is there a return?” she asked. “The real question is about distribution. It needs a larger channel or distribution relationship for the browser experience to really take off.”

Meanwhile, Bart Decrem, co-founder and CEO of Tapulous, and John Kosner, SVP and GM of digital media for ESPN (NYSE: DIS), talked about the trends and challenges for mobile. Decrem says letting users download free apps with credits to purchase additional content, such as music, will be a significant source of revenue. Kosner sees growth and innovation in both text and video alerts. The beauty in those campaigns, he says, is that target audiences don’t need a smartphone for those campaigns to be effective.

Check out video of the full session, A Plethora Of Portability: How Smartphones, E-Readers And, Yes, Tablets, Are Changing The Game, moderated by Jonathan Dube, VP of, here.

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