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What’s Missing in the $699 Viliv S10 Blade?

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Viliv showed off its S10 Blade touchscreen netbook at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show, but kept mum on pricing and availability. Here in the U.S. the device is now available for pre-order now appears as “coming soon” through Dynamism with a starting price of $699. That’s the lowest configuration available and although the S10 supports 3-point multitouch, it won’t work out of the box on this model due to the installation of Microsoft Windows XP Home (s msft). You’ll either need to bring your own Windows 7 license or bump up to one of the seven other configurations — none of which have a price just yet.

All configs offer the 1366 x 768 10.1″ swivel screen with resistive multitouch panel, 1 GB of RAM, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR, 43 W/hr battery and integrated webcam, but they differ by processor, storage and integrated HSPA 3G options. You can power the S10 with one of two Intel Atom (s intc) processors — the 1.6 GHz Z530 or 2 GHz Z550. This platform paired with the battery is estimated at 10 hours of run time, so I’d expect to get through a full 8-hour workday with the S10. The three storage options include a traditional 60 GB hard drive or an SSD drive in either 32 GB or 64 GB capacity. No telling what the high end models will cost, but I could easily see them approach the $1,000 threshold once an S10 is fully loaded. UMPC Portal envisions the top end model hitting around $1,200.

While the Viliv S10 has the looks of a Tablet PC in a netbook’s clothing, keep in mind that Windows XP Home Edition doesn’t offer Microsoft’s Tablet PC functions. So I’m a little surprised that the base pre-order device isn’t offered with the Windows XP Tablet Edition operating system. And even if you opt to use Windows 7 for inking, bear in mind that the resistive touchscreen will offer a sub-optimal experience. It’s likely to be usable, but not nearly as good as a Tablet PC with an active digitizer.

Anyone pre-ordering or is this feature-set at $699 causing you to pass?

Images courtesy of Dynamism

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20 Responses to “What’s Missing in the $699 Viliv S10 Blade?”

  1. With coupons you can get a HP TM2 for $925 with SU7300 ULV processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, external DVD, ATI 4550 graphics, nice 12″ screen, etc.

    Much better deal than this Viliv, and thing is a bit extra weight.

    • I look it at like the old Operation game — it takes a very steady hand. ;) You’re spot on and I got around this on my 3 Samsung Q1 devices by using the bezel to rest my wrist. That’s not easy to do on a larger display. I almost want to say “why bother” with these 10-inch convertible tablet netbooks when they come with resistive screens and no palm rejection software. They’re fine for touch, but sub-par for inking. :(

      • bluespapa

        Operation! Hah!

        I’m now used to inking resting against the bezel now with my second Q1. But a ten inch screen? The Fujutsu 1600 series has that palm rejection that no one else has managed to duplicate.

        So much potential. Viliv has managed to bring some really nice products to market. But I don’t understand all the “tablet” computers that seem to miss the Tablet PC boat.

  2. Resistive touch means it’s not for me. If it had a Wacom digitizer w/ capacitive touch, I’d be interested for that price, but otherwise it doesn’t interest me at all.

  3. Wow, that’s a bit steep. Yes the S10 is very nice but $699 for a base model with XP?????

    Viliv should just release 2 models to save costs:
    1) 1.6ghz Atom with 60GB Win7
    2) 2.0ghz Atom with 64GB SSD Win7

    Forget about 3G, with the Mifi and usb sticks around I doubt anyone will pay a premium for built-in 3G.

    Unless they price #2 above at around $850 I’ll probably go for a Lenovo X200 when they go on sale. But I’ll at least wait until the initial reviews are in.

  4. Joshua Blankenship

    Unfortunately, the processor will bottleneck the speed in any case. The Atom is HORRIBLE for playing video, no matter what codec you decide to watch or download. And since the tablet style will most likely be used to watch video (Hulu, YouTube, etc), you’ll be better off with the iPad or the Notion Ink Adam to be your slate device. If you LOVE the tablet style with convertible keyboard options, I would suggest the Lenovo X200 tablet series. With the S10, you’ll be disappointed. If you REALLY desire portability, I’d suggest the upcoming N5, as it seems much more practical than the S10 (Pocketable Windows 7). I think the S10, as a Tablet, will likely disappoint.

  5. hmm this is only a couple hundred dollars more than a iPad.:) also inking might be better than the iPad and a device with a captive screen. But then by the time you get it configured with Win 7 it will add up. I haven’t checked the specs, but does it come with the slower 4200 RPM Hard Drive? I’m still liking the iPad, very portable for what i need.

  6. borax99 (AlainC.)

    First of all, the S10 is not available for pre-order yet.
    In my case, I’ve almost made up my mind to go for the X70EX instead – however good the touchscreen is, I like some sort of hardware controls, particularly for page up/page down when reading ebooks. Yes, you can do it with your finger, but somehow I find that less satisfying…

  7. L'Emmerdeur

    Have to decide between this (cheaper, better battery life, less powerful, less compelling screen) and the Lenovo tablet refresh (pricey, more usable – for me – 12 inch screen, real CPU, need to carry a spare battery).

    Definitely go for a Win7 model, though.