Vid-Biz: YouTube, ZillionTV, Brightcove


YouTube to Kill IE6 Support on March 13; Google has given a specific kill date for old browser support, meaning that some future features on YouTube won’t work in older browsers. (Ars Technica)

Qwest Plows Millions Into ZillionTV; telco has invested $10 million in startup ZillionTV in return for exclusive rights to offer the IP-delivered video-on-demand service in the telco’s footprint. (Multichannel News)

Water-Cooler Effect: Internet Can Be TV’s Friend; Blogs and social Web sites like Facebook and Twitter enable an online water-cooler conversation, encouraging people to split their time between the computer screen and the big-screen TV. (NY Times)

WGAW Signs 33rd Online Content Company; Emmy-nominated production company Big Fantastic (Prom Queen, Sorority Forever) has signed on as a signatory to the Writer’s Guild of America, West. (press release)

The TV Numbers Game; Vizio is now the best-selling LCD brand in the United States, but Samsung sells more LCD and plasma sets together than anyone else. (NY Times)

Brightcove Announces Major Customer Wins & Partnerships in Spain; the online video platform signed major new Spanish customers Tuenti, Grupo Vocento, Sony Music Spain, Conde Nast Digital Spain, Grupo V, GEC, GX Magazine and TQMadrid. (press release)


New media witness

ZillionTV received Qwest money a LOOOONG time ago. None of it, nor the millions poured after, are left, which is why the entire staff is on a 2 to 6 weeks furlough, with promises to come back working for half pay. Unlike Vudu which had a product, a service, and a solid reputation, it is doubtful that anyone with business sense will be buying out this one.

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