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Exclusive Event: The New Broadband Buildout

The investors, technologists and entrepreneurs responsible for the first broadband buildout are busy at work on a second wave, which will substantially boost capacity. In order to better understand the opportunities and implications of this innovation, we’re bringing together a group of more than 50 thought leaders in a town hall forum at our GigaOM headquarters here in San Francisco today starting at 9:30 a.m. (PST).

Stacey will lead the conversation, which will focus on what impact the broadband buildout will have on today’s technology markets, from web-based consumer services to cloud computing services for the enterprise.

The event itself is invite-only, but the live video stream and archive footage will be available on GigaOM Pro, our subscription research service. If you don’t already have a subscription, we’re offering a limited-time 20 percent discount off our already discounted, charter-year price of $79. Simply enter the coupon code BUNKER0204.

We hope you’ll join us!