BlackBerry Buzz: Waning Storm; Super Apps


It’s Tuesday and that can only mean it’s time for our weekly feature, the BlackBerry Buzz. Rumors have surfaced that a major telco, most likely Verizon (s vz), is canceling orders for the Storm in preparation of dropping the phone from its lineup. The Storm has not been without its detractors, but if this holds true it will be sad to see Research In Motion’s (s rimm) only full touch phone fall by the wayside. I’m still happily using my original Storm, and from what I’ve read the newer Storm 2 is even better. Oh the fickle world of the smartphone.

The BlackBerry Master Control Program (MCP) has received a new beta update, and it’s fleshing out quite nicely. This donation-ware program is a full-featured program that provides complete desktop control over any BlackBerry phone. It facilitates the handling of applications, and allows updating the OS without fear of the process getting interrupted. All of the features are packaged in an intuitive graphical interface that makes the program very easy to use. The program is Windows (s msft) only, but runs on Macs (s aapl) successfully under VMWare Fusion.

RIM is starting a new developer initiative to promote “super apps”, which the company defines as an app that “leverages the unique capabilities of the BlackBerry platform to offer a seamless, integrated and efficient experience.” To kick off the program there is a webcast on Feb. 25 for developers to find out how to work with RIM on the new super apps. This is a great initiative on RIM’s part, as engaging the developer community can only be a good thing.

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