One Device to Charge Them All — Chargepod

My gear kit for trips changes from time to time save for one area that seems to always stay the same — power adapters. My kit always has a mobile power strip, adapter for a laptop, adapters for at least one phone, a MiFi; well you get the picture. The power adapter situation has called for me to carry a cable stash on all trips containing all of those adapters, plus the power strip to plug them all in. I don’t know how I missed the Chargepod, but it does look like it could replace the entire kit and caboodle.

How do you describe the Chargepod? Well, it looks like a futuristic hub of sorts, with jacks all over the place. A closer look points out all that can be done with it. The Chargepod will power and charge a laptop along with 3 mobile devices like phones, or that MiFi I mentioned. It does all of that while also providing a 3-jack USB hub, and it does it all in a mobile package not bigger than many of the phones it can charge. It fits my mobile philosophy that the less you bring on trips, the easier time you have.

The Chargepod is not cheap at about $200, but if you add up the cost of the multiple adapters it can replace that’s not so bad. It should be noted that the system uses universal adapters for mobile devices to be used, so your gear must be supported. Most phones (and that MiFi) use either micro-USB or mini-USB adapters so they would all work for the most part. Unfortunately, each adapter costs extra, so while they have adapters to fit over 3,000 different devices, it can get expensive. Some folks believe that convenience is worth paying for, so if that’s you have a look. It’s a pretty slick system, but I have not used one myself. They do have smaller battery-powered chargers that work with one or two phones, if less is more for your particular case. I’d love to hear from anyone using the Chargepod, especially what you think of it. Leave a comment and share your experience.

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