New ThinkPads Unleashed — Tablet Refresh, Too


Lenovo was all over the CES in January showing new things, but they didn’t stop to rest when the big show ended. They have just announced some new ThinkPad models that should be available soon. The ultra-portable X-series gets a refresh, with the x200 line at the forefront. The 12-inch x201 and x201s are getting faster processors (over 3 GHz available), while retaining the 2.5 – 3 lb. weight for portability. There are three battery options — 4, 6, and 9-cell for up to 12 hours of run time.

The most exciting new model for me is the x201 Tablet, which is the 12-inch ThinkPad with the convertible screen. This model remains largely the same as the x200, with the addition of a small trackpad to augment the Trackstick. I happen to like the Trackstick, but there are times when a trackpad would be easier to use. The x201 Tablet comes with both input methods for maximum utility.

There are two display options for the new Tablet, an outdoor viewable screen and a multitouch enabled screen viewable from wide angles.

The massive w701 is the refreshed model of the 17-inch ThinkPad I reviewed last year. The w701ds is the model with the second display (10.6-inch) that slides out of the main 17-inch display, making for a full dual-screen portable workstation solution. The w701ds has new processor options and retains the Wacom digitizer option for professional applications. The dual-screen model must be seen to be believed, so my original review should be revisited for the photos of this behemoth.

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That nice new processor kills the battery life though.

Apparently it drops from 7 hours to just over 5, which in a system that is designed for mobile use is, I think a bit of a loss.

I personally will be unlikely to see the benefits of the i7 processor power, but will definately notice a 25%-30% drop in battery life.

Peter Norman

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

I’ve been holding off on my X200 Tablet purchase until the X201 Tablets were announced – now I’m waiting for the model to show up in my Lenovo Rep’s database. March can’t come fast enough!

The updated specs are groovy but the addition of the TouchPad is more significant than the Core i7, IMO. But since Lenovo is offering the faster processor, I’ll take the hell out of it!

Somehow Laptop Magazine already has a review of the X201 TabletPC:

Lenovo’s News Release:

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