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TimeBridge is working hard to become your one-stop solution for every aspect of meetings management. I’ve written about the company’s web app and iPhone app previously; today it announced the new feature, out to give Tungle, Doodle, TimeDriver and other calendar coordinating apps a run for their money.

The new feature provides users with a page where they can publicize the times that they are available for meetings. Visitors to the page can then use the interface to propose meeting times. Here’s mine as an example.

One handy feature that I liked was that I was able to limit meetings to “business hours” based on my timezone so I wouldn’t get meetings scheduled at 9am EST or 5am Alaska time. You can set your calendar limitations under “My Settings/Account Settings.”

Your page is public; one thing I couldn’t find was a way to make it private, and only allow access to the people I have invited. Given my very crammed days, I’m a little hesitant to open up the entire calendar like this; however, I could always block certain days and really narrow down my available “business hours.”

To test out the new feature, I sent out invitations to access my calendar to several people with whom I’ve been trying to coordinate a meeting. If they share their calendars with me via TimeBridge, then we can easily find compatible meeting times across all time zones.

TimeBridge is hoping that once you confirm meetings, you’ll up your subscription to take full advantage of its “Plus” features, including  enhanced “meeting rooms” with free teleconferencing and premium web conferencing that rivals WebEx and the like (it licenses DimDim’s software, which I find to be pretty good). The idea is to bring all elements of your meeting management into one place, including a collaborative agenda, shared files, meeting notes and action items.

Another New Feature: The LinkedIn Widget

TimeBridge has also added another new feature that adds some important flavor to your meetings, especially ones with people whom you don’t know very well. In your enhanced meeting room, you will now see the LinkedIn profiles of other meeting attendees if they are subscribers to TimeBridge and are also on LinkedIn. The company says that a majority of people using TimeBridge are also on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn widget lets you pop up key relevant information about each meeting attendee, such as their current occupation and educational background. Besides being useful business intelligence at your fingertips, it is also can provide good icebreaking fodder when speaking with someone new.

What are you using to schedule and manage your meetings?

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Yori Nelken

Thank you Aliza for the nice TimeBridge writeup. Just wanted to note that there is a way to send “private” links through TimeBridge. Just click on “schedule a meeting”, and select “Let your attendee propose times”. Your invitee will get a “disposable” link that works for this meeting only.
Yori Nelken

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