Ok No Go: YouTube’s Embedding Restriction Is Bad For New Bands

Ok Go: "Here It Goes Again"

About three years ago, power pop band Ok Go were catapulted to fame after its independently-produced music video for the song “Here It Goes Again” caught fire on YouTube. Fans began embedding the video, which featured the band dancing on treadmills. The band’s success appeared to point the way for a new way to promote music. But in an op-ed in Saturday’s NYT, lead singer Damian Kulash, Jr., says that new bands hoping to follow the same path will have to find another route, as restrictions on embedding music videos laid down by YouTube and ithe group’s record company, EMI, have made it much harder to share videos.

Ok Go has been railing at YouTube’s embed policies for weeks. In a blog post on the band’s site in January, Ok Go was hoping it could go to its fans to at least explain the situation, and perhaps, spark some protest. (Naturally, the post also came with a plea that fans buy the band’s new album, Of The Blue Colour of The Sky.)

As Kulash says, “A few years ago, reeling from plummeting record sales, record companies went after YouTube, demanding payment for streams of their material. They saw videos, suddenly, as potential sources of revenue. YouTube agreed to pay the record companies a tiny amount for each stream, but


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