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MTV’s Return to Disco Gets Early Facebook Debut

UPDATE 5:30 PM PST: Due to technical issues, tonight’s screening was postponed to next Monday at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST. The screening will stream on

You know what the new MTV (s VIA) generation just loves? The disco nightclub scene. I know! I was surprised to hear that too. But why would MTV make an original direct-to-cable movie about some attractive young people transforming a club into a disco in order to achieve their dreams if that weren’t the case?

Turn The Beat Around, starring a cast of mostly unknowns, premieres next week on MTV, but dance movie fans eager to hear hip-hop covers of disco classics will get a sneak peek tonight via Facebook before the film premieres on TV (and, presumably, as VOD content on on February 26.

Ustream is working with MTV to debut the film in its entirety starting at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST (a popular time for starting live web broadcasts recently). The preview is not getting much play on MTV’s official site, but it does have a Facebook event page set up to guide interested fans who cannot wait to the movie.

Watching the trailer (which includes our young heroine asking her mom to teach her some old disco moves), I have to say that thanks to my pre-established love for dance movies, I’m pretty intrigued. And I only have to wait another few hours to see if the dancing lives up to John Travolta’s old moves.

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