Google Shopper for Android — Product Info in Hand

Google Shopper

Having a smartphone connected to the web can be a useful thing, if it’s leveraged correctly. The web is a vast fountain of information, and having the right tool on a smartphone to zero in on that one nugget of information is priceless. It is especially priceless if it is free, like Google Shopper for Android. Google Shopper doesn’t break all new ground, but it adds a useful feature to Android phones that is easy to use. The app uses the phone camera to scan product bar codes, and then returns detailed product information right on the phone.

This is not new technology, as ShopSavvy has been doing this for a while. What Google Shopper adds to the mix is the ability to also scan the cover of books, videos and games by using the phone camera. Google’s vast online storage of information can recognize these product covers and figure out what it is. Alternatively, Google Shopper lets you speak the name of a product to get information, which is returned quickly to the phone display.

Product searches can be saved in the app for future reference, or shared with friends using Gmail, IM or Twitter. Makes it easy to show friends what they can buy you, and where they can find it.

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