@pc2010: Yahoo’s Schneider On What The Microsoft Deal Means: ‘More Money’

Highlights from Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Americas EVP Hilary Schneider’s discussion with our Staci Kramer at paidContent 2010:

Yahoo-Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) deal: “We’re still Yahoo as it turns out,” Schneider says, when asked whether she should be shouting “Bing” instead of the “Yahoo” she exclaimed when asked about the deal. What does the alliance mean for “everybody in this room?” “More money. We can accelerate rate of innovation. Better advertising ROI.” That should also help the Yahoo newspaper consortium members, who she says currently make about $100 million (presumably a year) from their tie-in with Yahoo search.

Local: How will Yahoo’s renewed move into local impact its newspaper partners? Schneider notes that it isn’t necessarily a competitive threat since Yahoo is incorporating the feeds of Yahoo consortium members into the home page and also Yahoo News — which drives them traffic. She says Yahoo won’t generate its own local content and will instead rely on partners.

Paid services: Yahoo recently switched its fantasy sports service from free to paid. Schneider says that usage is up “double digits” and that while the lost revenue won’t be made up by advertising “right away,” “we will absolutely replace it” within several years.

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