@pc2010: Sporting News To Charge For Daily Digital Edition; One Price Across All Devices

Highlights from our Staci Kramer’s conversation with Steven Brill of Journalism Online, Jeff Price of The Sporting News and David Hyman of MOG:

Sporting News: A new convert to the paid content model. Price, who just joined Sporting News as publisher this week, says that the Sporting News will charge $2.99 for a subscription to Sporting News Today — across any device. A “few hundred thousand” people currently get the free daily digital edition, Price says. He expects 20 to 30 percent of those to pay.

*The New York Times* metered model: Brill, who is trying to pitch his own online payment platform Press + to media outlets, is a fan. “Nothing like seeing the converted,” he says. But, he adds, “I think it will be easier for local newspapers to implement the … approach.” Brill says there are journalistic merits when publications implement paywalls. “Newsrooms are better when journalists know that readers are paying part of the freight,” he says.

When to charge and when not to charge: Sitting in the audience, Slate‘s Jacob Weisberg argues that paid models work for convenience — so for access on the Kindle or an iPhone app — but not for general online access. MOG’s Hyman — who offers music subscriptions for $5 a month — counters that the distinction doesn’t work.

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