@pc2010: Paywalls And Advertising: It’s More Complex Than You Think

Jim Spanfeller and MediaVest's Amanda Richman

With all the talk of paywalls at paidContent2010 today, the question of what it means for advertisers is pretty crucial. “What’s the matter, are you not interested in our money anymore?” Amanda Richman, MediaVest’s EVP & Managing Director, Digital, told Jim Spanfeller, President & CEO, Spanfeller Group. While in a general sense, a paying subscriber or reader is valuable to advertisers, since it implies more engagement, Richman said. “But paywalls are just one dimension in a rich array of advertising touchpoints. It’s a little more complex than just one attribute.”

Advertisers do it for themselves?: During the audience Q&A, Teeming Media‘s Dorian Benkoil asked Richman if the paywall question has been rendered moot to some extent, as marketers create their own promotional content sides, skipping over traditional publishers. Richman: “Advertisers aren’t rushing to become in-house web producers. We try to think of how we can license content from others and get users to create content for us as well.”more to come

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