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Where to Watch the Tiger Woods Press Conference Online

UPDATED We’re usually not much into celebrity gossip, but we have to admit that Tiger Woods’ rapid descent from golf stardom to yellow press fodder has been fascinating, if only for the fact that it seemed much more like a bad TV movie than real life. A car crashed into a tree? The questionable use of a golf club? Countless mistresses? It’s certainly been an interesting ride.

However, one voice that’s been missing form the media circus is that of Woods himself, which is why he has decided to hold a press conference at the PGA Tour Headquarters in Florida this Friday. This is Woods’ first public statement in months, and he is expected to tell us about his plans to return to the world of golf.

The press conference will undoubtedly be covered by countless mainstream media organizations. Of course, you don’t have to miss out on it if you happen to be stuck in an office cubicle without any TV nearby either. Ustream will carry the event in real at at 8 am PST / 11 am Eastern, thanks to its cooperation with CBS News. The live stream will be available at

UPDATED: Ustream and CBS News won’t be alone in their online coverage. YouTube announced it too will have a live stream of the press conference on its CitizenTube channel, which can be watched at

Hulu will also be live streaming the press conference, courtesy of its partner, ABC News. The stream can be watched through the following embedded player.

AP Live will be broadcast Tiger Woods’ speech online via Livestream at or through the following embedded player.

Watch live streaming video from aplive at

Image courtesy of Keith Allison.

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3 Responses to “Where to Watch the Tiger Woods Press Conference Online”

  1. For Tiger it is refreshing to see a man take responsibility for this type of indescretion and the pain and sorrow it causes those who are innocent. I hope for you with all my heart that you can live up to your words and become a better man for the experience.

    For Elin: Only someone who has been betrayed in this way can understand your suffering. The hardest thing is not the forgiveness of indescretion. The battle will be to re-open your heart to the possibility of goodness. I hope that your struggle to regain trust and hope are not too long.