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VIDEO: Watch Bill Gates' Call for Energy Miracles

We’ve dedicated a lot of ink to Bill Gates’ talk last week at the exclusive TED conference on how the world needs to find energy miracles and create innovative technology to reach zero carbon emissions. World Changing’s Alex Steffen called Gates’ talk “the most important climate speech of the year,” while’s David Roberts has written about “why Gates is wrong on energy and environment.” We looked closely at TerraPower, a project to build a traveling wave nuclear reactor, in which Gates has invested and which he referenced in the TED talk. But be sure to watch the speech yourself – whatever your opinions of the man (and Microsoft), it’s powerful.

3 Responses to “VIDEO: Watch Bill Gates' Call for Energy Miracles”

  1. I have a miracle; a solar energy system thsat can capture and genrate double the amount of electrcity as already operating solar power tower plants and another miracle a breakthrough energy storage that can store electrcity for ulilities and it costs 1/20 the cost of batteries. It will save at least 4% of the total energy that would otherwise have been wasted.
    Does anyone think Bill Gates will be interested?

    Neil Farbstein
    Vulvox Inc.