Palm Press: 1M Phones to Ship This Quarter


It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another Palm Press, our weekly look at the world of Palm. It’s been fairly quiet on the Palm (s palm) front of late, with the news being dominated by happenings at the Mobile World Congress. A quite bit of news slipped in from Mark/Space, the folks behind the Missing Sync utility. While Mac users have had 2-way calendar syncing for a while, a new Windows (s msft) version has been released that offers full 2-way syncing with webOS phones, too. While many Pre or Pixi owners are content with native Google (s goog) cloud syncing (and I’m one of those), some like to have their phones paired to a computer. The new Missing Sync will keep the Pre or Pixi in sync over Wi-Fi, even while sitting restfully on the Touchstone charger.

A Kaufman Brothers analyst is predicting Palm will ship one million webOS phones this quarter, a princely sum. Palm’s last quarterly numbers were released prior to the impact of the new Verizon (s vz) deal for the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, and the analyst feels this will make a big impact on Palm’s bottom line. It is predicted that around 600,000 phones will be shipped to Verizon this quarter, a volume higher than previously anticipated. If these numbers hold up, the future for Palm is much brighter.

I had a conversation with Adobe (s adbe) regarding the expected appearance of Flash 10.1 on webOS and they have indicated they are still on track for release in the first half of this year. While it had been previously stated that webOS would be the first platform seeing Flash 10.1, they are now indicating it will likely hit Android (s goog) and webOS at around the same time. Flash 10.1 is already in a private beta and is on track for delivery soon. It has also been reported that Flash 10.1 would be hitting webOS shortly, but this does not seem to be the case.


Dan Ramirez

Perhaps you could have a conversation with the folks at DataVizInc? Their website predicts full Doc2Go for webOS will come in “early 2010,” but at the MWC their statement was there was “no ETA.” Which is it??

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