Kindle Storms the BlackBerry


The e-book reader segment is as hot as firecrackers right now, but it’s important not to overlook smartphones as capable readers. Amazon (s amzn) knew that would be the case early on, with the release of the Kindle for iPhone (s aapl) shortly after the debut of the Kindle reader. Selling content for multiple platforms can only be a good thing for Amazon. The company’s promise to produce a Kindle app for the BlackBerry has been fulfilled, with the reader app now available for download from Amazon.

Kindle for BlackBerry can be used to browse the Kindle online store, manage the bookshelf, and to read books. Like the iPhone (s aapl) app, the BlackBerry version works with Whispersync to always keep the current reading place (and annotations) in sync across multiple devices. This feature alone makes the Kindle platform enjoyable to use, as users can start a book on the Kindle, and pick up where they left off on the iPhone (and now the BlackBerry) if desired. The smartphone versions of the Kindle reader can be used without a Kindle reader being in the picture at all, however.

Only e-books are supported in this version, as magazines, newspapers and other content the Kindle can access are not available. The app is only available in the U.S., perhaps international support will come in the future. The app is free, and only available on certain Blackberry models. Models currently listed include the Curve, Storm, Bold and Tour.

Image courtesy Amazon

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David McCormack

I can’t see why it’s only available in the US because Kindle for iPhone/iPod Touch is available elsewhere. Further evidence, if it were needed, that the biggest barrier to the advancement of technology is lawyers.

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