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2 Ways to Manually Add Podcast Subscriptions in Google Listen

Even before I bought an Android phone last month, readers asked me why our MobileTechRoundup podcast isn’t available in Google Listen (s goog). Truth be told, I have no idea. However, thanks to Download Squad’s mention of a Google Listen version update, I just found two different ways for you add our podcast — or any other one — to your Android handset. Version 1.1 of Google Listen adds a bunch of welcome features, but the key one that I’m focusing on is the new Google Reader integration.

With Listen v1.1, podcast subscriptions synchronize over to your Reader account. To test this, I searched for and added a podcast. In this case it was the EngadgetHD show, because I can’t forget my roots. Once I saw the podcast in Listen, I logged into Google Reader and after about a minute, I saw a new folder called “Listen Subscriptions.” Of course, the EngadgetHD feed was there, and that’s when it hit me: why not just manually add the MobileTechRoundup RSS feed to Google Reader and then assign it to the Listen folder? That’s the beauty of the Google Reader synchronization feature — it’s a two-way street, which makes sense. If you switch from one Android device to another, wouldn’t you want your podcast subscriptions to follow you over to the new handset?

So adding any podcast feed to the Listen Subscriptions folder will do the trick if you’re using Listen v1.1. Of course, once I went through the hassle of figuring that all out, I realized that there’s an even easier way — I just didn’t know it! You can simply tap on My Subscriptions in Listen and use the Add a Subscription option. You’ll need to manually enter the RSS feed for the podcast of your choice here. If that’s too daunting of a task on a small handset keyboard, maybe adding the feed in Google Reader on a full-sized keyboard is better for you. It’s always nice to have options!

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