The Today Show Streams Live From Vancouver With a 360-Degree View


Early birds can tune into a 360-degree live stream of the Today Show this morning, making it possible to take a peek behind the scenes and see the whole set of the show, which is being broadcast from Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain this week to cover the 2010 Olympic Games.

The panoramic feed will go live from 7 am to 10 am EST and feature two camera perspectives, showing both the inside and the outside of the studio. NBC (s GE) is calling the live stream a “broadcast first” and promises “unprecedented access” to Today Show stars Matt, Meredith, Ann, Al and their crew.

The 360-degree live stream is powered by live streaming technology dubbed ImLive from Immersive Media, a company that we covered more in-depth a few months back. Immersive has been toying with 360-degree video for years, but the company has been getting more attention in recent months through media partnerships with networks like MTV (s VIA) and CBC.

As for the Today Show live stream: Don’t expect to be blown away, unless you’re a hardcore fan of the show. The video is pretty blurry, judging from recordings of yesterday’s first 360-degree stream, and remotely snooping around on a TV set isn’t quite as exciting as being there in person, Grouse Mountain or not. If anything, the stream makes you feel a little bad for the Today Show team. The show starts at 3 am local time in Vancouver, and especially the folks behind the camera kinda look like they’ve had better mornings in their lives.

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