PeeWee Kit — Children’s PC Sans the PC


We ran across the PeeWee PC almost a year ago, and for parents of small children it still could be a good first computer for them. Not everyone may be in a position to spend a few hundred dollars on such a PC, however, so the folks at PeeWee have introduced the PeeWee Kit. This software kit, available on a USB flash drive or on CD, combines security features and software for the kiddies into an affordable package. The kit will turn any PC, and I’m thinking a cheap netbook fits the bill nicely, into a computer optimized for the younger set.

The security portion of the PeeWee Kit is designed to provide parents with peace of mind with Junior traipsing all over the big, bad Internet. It couples parental control with the ability to monitor computer usage remotely to provide a safe environment for the little ones. The included software is rounded out with a solid list of educational programs and games to keep the kid’s attention on the learning experience:

  • Science House
  • Bailey Book House
  • Trudy’s Time & Place House
  • Sammy’s Science House
  • Millie’s Math House
  • Thinkin’ Things
  • Mighty Math Carnival Countdown
  • Zoombinis Mountain Rescue
  • Reader Rabbit
  • Where in the World in Carmen Sandiego?
  • Oregon Trail

The PeeWee Kit sounds like a solid investment for those wishing to get the kiddos familiar with using a computer, while doing so safely and with good purpose. The CD version of the kit only includes some of the programs listed and is $19.99, while the USB flash complete version is $29.99.

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