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Panache Tries to Take the Pain Out of Video Ad Workflow

Online video ad firm Panache will soon be rolling out a new product that seeks to make it easier for publishers to introduce new ad campaigns into their videos. The new application is based on Adobe Flash, and provides a way for advertisers and media buyers to submit, test and approve ads before they appear on publisher sites, simplifying much of the back-and-forth over email that typically comes when launching a video ad campaign.

Rather than having advertisers send video ad creative to publishers who then must enter it into their ad systems, the new product allows them to upload the files directly into the system for approval. But the most important part of the system might be that it allows publishers and advertisers to see how the ads interact within the video player before a campaign is launched. The result is shorter lead times for ad campaigns to be launched, which means fuller ad loads and better monetization for their video assets.

According to Panache CEO Steve Robinson, the company spent 18 months building out the product with the help of its publisher customers, who helped advise the company on which features were necessary to implement. As a result, the product is battle-tested with several major customers already using the software in its current beta form.

MTV Networks (s VIA), for instance, is already using the product to simplify the addition and approval of ads that appear in its various web properties, including,, and While some publishers are already reaping its benefits, Robinson says the new product will be available to all its customers as just another part of its video ad platform in the next few weeks.

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