Introducing — Windows Phone Classic


Microsoft shook things up in the smartphone space by finally unveiling Windows Phone 7 to the geekerati in Barcelona. The updated look for the next version of the phone OS formerly known as Windows Mobile is refreshing, and brings the platform into the new decade with style. What was  unclear was what Microsoft intends to do with the existing version of Windows Mobile, 6.5.x, and many are asking that very question. The answer from Microsoft is that WinMo 6.5 will continue to be supported, and will coexist alongside the new Windows Phone 7. In fact, once WP7 is available late this year, Windows Mobile 6.5 will be christened Windows Phone Classic.

It is great that Windows Mobile will not be abandoned, especially since 6.5 (and 6.5.3) have not been out very long. Phone owners and handset makers alike will be happy to see investments in current handsets not cast aside by the new version. It is not yet clear exactly what Microsoft might have planned for Windows Phone Classic once Windows Phone 7 hits the market. I also wonder what older versions of Windows Mobile will be called in the future. Windows Phone Ultra-Classic? Every time I say Windows Phone Classic, I feel that the new OS should be called New Windows Phone. Coke, anyone?

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