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What It Means That Google Is Shipping 60,000 Android Phones A Day

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Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said last night that the internet-turned mobile-OS maker is now shipping more than 60,000 Android devices a day. What’s more is that the number has doubled over the past quarter, meaning volumes could continue to rise over the next year — especially given all of the handsets unveiled this week in Barcelona.

So, what does it mean?

It means that if Google’s growth stays constant, it will ship roughly 22 million phones this year. (That includes Google’s own Nexus One handsets launched last month; Schmidt didn’t break out that number.) If shipments continue to double every quarter, and they just may, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) could hit 27 million. For perspective, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) sold 25.1 million iPhones in the past four quarters. In addition, consider what a Samsung executive said during this morning’s keynote. He said Samsung’s new operating system ‘bada’ would be a success if it accomplished 10 million phone shipments. He reasoned that at those volumes it wouldn’t be considered adding to the industry’s fragmentation, but rather would be considered in demand. If Samsung considers 10 million good (and it ships a total of 220 million handsets a year), than Google’s accomplishments are fairly impressive.

8 Responses to “What It Means That Google Is Shipping 60,000 Android Phones A Day”

  1. @Robert_H
    Actually Nokia only sold 67.8 million smartphones in 2009 of which only 22.4 million were touchscreen smartphones which are much more appropriate comparisons when it comes to app-running cell phone operating systems.


  2. “Android could hit 27 million…” “Apple hits 25 million” To make this narrowminded (US) article complete: Nokia shipped 550 million devices while the new Symbian OS (SF^3+) will be mass market as it will become de-facto standard for ALL Nokia phones. But it is not about OS. It is about distribution. And the way it is going now, Android will become totally fragmented within 2 years, not good for distribution i would say.

  3. Indeed, Apple isn’t just sitting around having shipped 25 million in 2009 or approximately double the number of iPhones sold in 2008.

    Then if you add in all iPhone OS devices vs all Android OS devices, Apple’s numbers almost double again with the massively accelerating sales of iPod Touches.

    Android still has a lot to do to catch up with Apple’s little slabs of glass and steel.


  4. nooksurfer

    Being the competitiveness of the markets today, you can’t blame Google for trying to expand its business into other markets. Search has taken Google to the level they’re at today, but what will keep them there tomorrow is what they’re trying to figure out. Kudos to Google!!

  5. If shipments continue to double every quarter, and as you say, they just may, before a couple years are over they will be shipping over 200 million handsets per quarter. A billion per quarter will follow shortly thereafter. I sure hope they are biodegradable or we could be heading to another global catastrophe, and that’s just relying on the science and the math, which we all know are correct.