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Improve Your Blogging Abilities With a New e-Book

Whether you’re developing software, working in marketing or even a full-time writer, the odds that you’ll be asked to contribute to a blog at some point just keep going up, because blogs have become a key method of communication for many organizations. However, contributing to a blog is not easy, especially if writing isn’t one of your strengths.

Fortunately, it is a skill that can be learned. “The Blogger’s Guide to Effective Writing,” a new e-book from Ali Hale, offers a guide to sharpening your writing skills and improving your ability to get important information across in a blog post.

While Hale doesn’t dispute the importance of the need to practice blogging to build up skills, she works hard to demystify the art of blogging. She offers the background necessary to help writers of every level speed up the writing process, write effective posts and even improve the quality of the blog as a whole.

What sets “The Blogger’s Guide to Effective Writing” apart from other writing instruction manuals is that while it includes general writing tips, it also explores the specialized needs of blogging. For instance, where you might write a memo or an article and expect it to stand alone, a blog post is expected to relate to the rest of the content on the site. Blogs also tend to be written with an end result in mind. If you’re running your own blog, that goal can be something like keeping readers coming back, so that you can land advertisers. On a company blog, that might be convincing readers to purchase a new product. Individual posts have to support that overall goal.

Of course, Hale doesn’t skimp on explaining the mechanics of writing for a blog. She digs into details like tips for improving on the standard how-to post with images and resources, as well as an upfront explanation of why it can take significantly longer to write a how-to post. She also gets into how to effectively create each section of a post, devoting a chapter each to writing a post’s introduction, middle and conclusion.

The e-book is also full of links to further resources, from examples of how to implement Hale’s instructions to research that backs up her suggestions. She draws on successful bloggers of every stripe to create an educational book that should help.

“The Blogger’s Guide to Effective Writing” is available for $29. It’s 82 pages long, and comes with a set of templates for different types of posts, including a look at how a few particularly successful blogs construct their posts.

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