Google Buzz Works on Palm Phones — If You Know the URL


When Google (s goog) introduced its Buzz service last week, I fully expected the mobile client to work on the Palm Pre and Pixi (s palm) devices. In the past, when I wanted to use a browser-friendly version of a site or service, I’d enter the URL of the iPhone formatted site. More often than not, that would do the trick because webOS uses the same WebKit browser rendering and screen resolution of Apple’s (s aapl) handsets. Unfortunately, that didn’t work with Buzz, as reported by a few of our readers. And Google’s official Buzz site indicates support for iPhone and Android, but not for webOS devices — in fact, webOS isn’t even listed for some reason. Luckily, a PreCentral reader found just the right URL to make Buzz work in the webOS browser.

I entered this web address and confirmed that it works: The formatting looks and behaves just as it does on my Nexus One, although I can’t see Buzz updates near my location. That won’t happen until the webOS browser supports the geolocation features found in the HTML5 specification — or until Google updates the Maps application for webOS to support Buzz.

For now, I’m not investing much time in Google Buzz — I’m content to use Twitter and Facebook at the moment. And now that I have my Palm Pre back, I’ve decided to sell it, so this URL won’t help me. But for Buzz addicts with webOS devices that don’t want to wait for official Google support, this URL should do the trick.

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