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How to Beat China on Clean Energy: IHS CERA Chairman Daniel Yergin says China’s advantages over the U.S. on green energy have been overplayed. “They’re going to have the same advantage they have on everything else. And that is that low-cost manufacturing. To compete with the Chinese, the US will have to compete on quality and service for such equipment as wind turbines and on creativity and ingenuity for new innovations.” — Financial Times

GM: E85 Pumps Times Five, Please: General Motors’ (s GM) vice chairman for global development, Tom Stephens says the U.S. needs a five-fold increase in the number of E85 (blended gas-ethanol fuel) pumps to support flex-fuel vehicles. — Detroit Business Development Examiner\

Solyndra Buddies Up With Advanced Green Technologies: Solyndra, maker of cylindrical photovoltaic systems for commercial rooftops, announced today it has signed a distribution agreement with Florida’s Advanced Green Technologies, a provider of building-integrated solar energy products. — Press Release

Rinspeed on Rails: Custom carmaker Rinspeed has developed an electric two-seater called the Urban Commuter that’s “designed to be easily loaded on special rail transport cars for long trips.” — CNET’s Car Tech

Meet Pythagoras Solar: Startup Pythagoras Solar, working on a silicon-based low-concentration solar concentrator, unstealthed at Israel’s Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference. The company’s concentrator architecture “yields a transparent module that could conceivably be used in window and curtain wall applications.” — Greentech Media

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