New Life For Checkout? Google Hires Its First VP Of Commerce

Stephanie Tilenius

In a move that could signal that Google (NSDQ: GOOG) plans to double down on its Google Checkout online payments system, the company has hired long-time eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) executive Stephanie Tilenius as its first VP of commerce, we have confirmed. Tilenius had spent nine years at eBay, most recently as head of global product and North America; prior to taking on that job she had been the GM of PayPal’s merchant services business, which she has been credited with building “from virtually nothing to a $1 billion-plus.”

Tilenius left eBay earlier this year and said that she was interested in other “career ambitions, including opportunities to lead a company as CEO.”

Google isn’t saying what exactly Tilenius will do; the NYT, however, says that she will “oversee Google Checkout … and other e-commerce efforts.”

While Google has taken aggressive moves to promote Checkout, including offering rebates and waving fees, it still hasn’t been able to seriously threaten PayPal’s dominance. Recently, the company has talked about helping publishers charge for online content via Checkout.


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