Adap.TV Forms Video Ad Exchange With Gannett, VivaKi

Video ad manager is expanding into the exchange business with several major publishers and ad agencies. Among the first to try out’s video advertising marketplace are Gannett (NYSE: GCI), Publicis Groupe’s digital hub VivaKi. Over the past year, ad exchanges have emerged as an extension of remnant ad networks, where marketers can get inventory for lower prices and publishers can place their unsold inventory. But where many major publishers have sought to downplay their ties to ad nets, fearing that it drives down premium prices, the appeal of exchanges is that there is more transparency and control, at least ostensibly. For Gannett, which has been working to build up its online video ad sales for the past year, the publisher’s digital head Chris Saridakis is certain’s exchange will “augment, not compete” with its efforts to sell ads against it web videos. Release