President’s Day Poll: Which Video Player Do You Prefer?


We talk a lot here at NewTeeVee about the business of various video platforms, as well as the technology that drives them. But you know what we don’t often get into? Real talk about which of their players offer the best viewing experience, especially since there are enough advantages and disadvantages to each that it often comes down to personal preference.

So, here’s the question for today’s poll: On a purely technical level, which embeddable video player do you prefer as a viewer of online video? Make your choice based on whatever factors you value most (sound and image quality, ease of use, user interface, embedding options like clipping or adjustable player size, et cetera) and feel free to discuss in the comments why you voted for a particular player — or why you didn’t.

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Am I the only one who has never even heard of Ooyala? I checked out their player and saw nothing special and the video quality left something to be desired, but I could only find examples on their site.


Another OVP poll that includes Brightcove but no Ooyala or KIT Digital’s player?
Hmmm, BC a sponsor here?



I guess I’ll do a write in, but I’m surprised the DivX Web Player isn’t on the list, when it powers a lot of sites that stream DivX and MKV streaming files.


Ooyala is the best in term of entertainment and professional use.
really surprised to see this video player missing the list.


Sumit Biswas

I guess Ooyala was missed, I hope to see it up there in the list from the next polls. Very well structed Database certainly answers its Flawless Video streaming.



Sniff There is a Santa Claus, Virginia.

I was so relieved to see trashy BabelGum and their browser-crashing garbage, overly proprietary site get NO votes. Too many good shows have become locked out from fans by exclusivity deals that BG has done.

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