Maemo and Moblin Merged: Meego Emerges


Nokia (s nok) wasn’t happy to just announce Symbian 3 at the Mobile World Congress today, they have also announced the merging of Maemo and Moblin by Intel (s intc). The new platform that emerges as the result of the merge will be known as Meego, and is intended to power pocketable computers, netbooks, tablets and phones. Meego will be hosted by the Linux Foundation, and will be a full open source platform.

Maemo has been used by Nokia on its internet tablets, including the capable N900 smartphone. It is highly optimized for use on a small screen, and is a solid basis for Meego. Moblin is Intel’s version of Linux optimized for netbooks and similar devices, and it will form the core platform under the hood of Meego.

Meego will use the Qt application development system, a robust environment for developers. Programs for Meego can be distributed though both Nokia’s Ovi Store and Intel’s AppUp center.

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Is Intel hoping to put the Atom CPU into Nokia phones in the near future? I can’t otherwise think of a reason why Intel would be interested in merging Moblin with Maemo.

James Kendrick

I think it’s a case of the two giants in the room getting together with the hopes of ganging up on everybody. No telling what they are planning.


Is this Intel’s attempt to stem the ARM tide? Intel should have never sold its handheld mobile CPU division to Marvell.

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