Mobile Content Bits: Orange SMS Ads; Vodafone 360 Stats; Android MusicStation; 7digital BlackBerry

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Some briefs from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona…

Orange SMS ads: Orange is extending its interactive mobile advertising service to multiple markets in Europe, following a launch earlier this year in the UK. Orange Shots, as the UK SMS/MMS service is called, is based on a platform originally operated by Blyk.

Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) 360: Vodafone has sold nearly 300,000 signature 360 devices — the Samsung H1 and M1 models — since launching in 2009. 360 — which integrates a user’s contacts with social network feeds, chat and email — is now available as an app for Android devices. Separately, the Dutch social network Hyves is now integrated with 360.

Omnifone on Android: Omnifone’s MusicStation digital music service is also coming to Android. The service features a catalogue of 6.5 million tracks, a search and discovery service, social networking and related news. Omnifone is pitching it to services in Barcelona

7digital: More mobile music news…7digital has upgraded its BlackBerry app to include integration with, as well as increased device support. The integration means that users can now link up their profiles to include what is played on their handsets.

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