Will a Cloud-Based Android Interface Fragment the Platform?


HipLogic today launched  an Android platform that makes it easy for handset OEMs and carriers to produce custom interfaces for their phones. Fremont, Calif.-based HipLogic’s interface is always connected to the cloud, meaning operators can change the Android home screen interface whenever desired. Updates are delivered to the customer’s phone over the air, courtesy of the “always connected” nature of the HipLogic interface.

Companies are always happy to differentiate their products when using an open platform such as Android, but there is a risk such a move can further fragment the Android user experience. We already see this happening on HTC phones with its Sense interface, and the MOTOBLUR interface by Motorola dilutes the Android experience in a way, too. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that many Android phones have different interface features, but it makes it harder for consumers to determine which interface components are standard and which are special to a given handset.

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