173 Responses to “Google vs. Apple”

  1. timjones17

    This time around, Google’s gonna bludgeon Apple so bad that Apple’s gonna go begging to Google to give it money to survive, just like Apple asked Microsoft for money a while back.

  2. More like apple fanboys united just cause you did it first doesn’t mean someone else can’t do it better and really the ipad. I have a tablet from 1996 that’s more capable than that thing but again people love to buy a name not a product.

  3. Well, this is how I see it:

    Google lays fiber, opens its pipes to competing ISPs and wireless providers. The providers allow chrome and android devices to access the network with voice and data at extremely competitive rates (read – extreme cost savings vs the AT&T/iPhone data plan). Seems like Google may be content to build Apple’s walled garden higher for them if Apple continues to be locked into AT&T. If I can get unlimited voice and data for $30 per month, I’ll take it…

  4. Google are going to get too big for their boots, spread themselves too thing and ultimately people will and are getting sick of them and they will end up getting anti Google. They are becoming big bully’s on the quiet. I am all for competition but they are trying to jump on every success someone else produces. Free does not necessarily equal quality. If only Google didn’t try and do everything they would be more liked.

  5. Does anyone actually like the iPhone for it’s calling or it’s apps? Let me give you a hint it was rated the worlds WORST cell phone and at the same time the BEST pocket pc. Maybe Jobs an co should focus more on the iPhone doing the main thing it’s supposed to do.

    • Much of the telephony related problems with the iPhone can be traced to AT&T. Their network has continually had connectivity problems since the Cingular days. Sure they have the faster 3G network, but that doesn’t matter if you can’t stay connected.

  6. I hope Apple enters the Search and the Email market.

    All I use Google for is Search and Email. Oh and Google Reader.

    And Google Talk. And Calendar. And Maps. And YouTube. And Google Docs. And Book Search. And Google Groups. And Google News. And Website Optimizer. And GOOG-411.

    But as soon as Apple replaces all of that, I AM JUMPING SHIP.

    • RichardL

      Apple’s actions today are not those of a “supposed rival”. Filing two patent infringement lawsuits with 20 patents against the predominant maker of the Google’s Android phones and citing those phones as exhibits and demanding injunctions to stop the sale of those phones are not the actions of a friend. Many of the patents in the lawsuits, particularly the ITC lawsuit, directly address functionality of the Android OS not of HTC hardware.

      Remember Google doesn’t sell Android. Apple sued the company that has the revenue stream not the open-source repository.

      Apple sued Google today (albeit by proxy). There is no doubt of the target of these lawsuits.

  7. OM, your great presentation shows why iPad will be a huge success. It’s all about how the content is displyed. And at that game, Apple will beat over and over again any competition. Google will do good in phone (and even Microsoft too)… but in a set of rules defined by Apple.

  8. Jobs seems a bit paranoid about Google, given that Android is pretty primitive at this time. But primitive was enough for MSFT to get Windows into Enterprise, and enough to keep Windows there, even though it is FAR inferior to every other commercial OS. Maybe a little paranoia is a good thing. Let us work now to prevent USERS from getting stuck on some second-rate system, like Android, by taking our collective eyes “off the ball”, as they say in sports.

      • it all based on opinion i prefer linux over either yes macs are expensive but they have great software and windows does have its ups and downs… example: this non-commercial program has been infected with a trojan slowing down the computer of anyone who uses the program but the program is very useful while mac may not be able to be infected by it it also cant use it because it was .exe file. I’m not a fanboy,that word sounds gay, i just use products i feel better suit my need. i do not own a mac, because my computers specs and OS,linux,in my opinion are better for my purposes then a mac or windows running computer.i do own an ipad because i like the portability of the ipad and i especial love capacitive touch screens.

    • rant

      Each OS has it’s faults and weaknesses. Both can do nearly identical tasks, and both have things they can’t do. To call one inferior to the other is just a show of your opinion. I love my MacBook Pro. And I also love Windows 7 that runs on it. There’s nothing stopping people from seeing the flaws and strengths of each platform.

      And “Mac” doesn’t overprice anything. Seeing as the name of the company is ‘Apple’. And their products are pricier… But Mercedes and BMW don’t catch shit for their cars being more expensive, do they? It’s all about the insides of the product. And I’d rather have a solid aluminum laptop running 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, a 2.4 GHz processor, 320 GB hard drive, and a 5.5 hour battery that will last me 5 years at the least (regardless of OS) than a cheap, plastic, underpowered craptop that’s bound to die in under 3 hours and be out of commission in less than 3 years.

      If you can find a company that can give me that caliber hardware (all aspects considered) for any less than what Apple sells their laptops for, then I’ll eat my words. But I seriously doubt you’ll find another premium laptop company that can match Apple.

      And Tom B,
      Where do you get off calling Android a second-rate system? People who even care the slightest bit about having power over their mobile OS can realize that you get far more freedom with Android than anyone ever has with iPhone OS. I owned an iPhone from the start. I bought into the hype. And after 2 years, I was tired of being told what I can and can’t do to my phone. Now I’ve got a Droid running Android 2.0.1 and there isn’t a thing you could think of having a phone do that this thing can’t handle.

      I hope anyone reading this can take a step back and consider all the facts and have a little perspective before jumping at the chance to rip either side to shreds.


      • I love the “rant /rant” code lingo.

        Anyway, yeah Tom, do a little research before u blast the most popular OS out there (its the most popular for a reason, you know!?)

        I’d also like to say that Steve Job’s recent comments on google are false. Google bought Android Inc. in 2005, TWO YEARS before the iPhone was introduced. So it appears they intended to enter the phone market before they even knew about the iphone.

  9. Calling the Android Market a “copycat” of the iTunes App Store seems about as realistic as calling the App Store a copycat of Cydia or Installer. Or Apt-get. The idea of software repositories has been around for a while, and Apple wasn’t even the frst to bring the concept to their own phone.

    • The AppStore was a copycat of “Installer”… in fact, Apple hired several people involved in the early days of jailbreaking to develop their AppStore. With that in mind, Google certainly was a copycat with their Android Store in that they understood that native apps for mobile devices were a “game changer”. The problem for Android and Google? There’s no innovation in copying.

      • But you’ve got to consider that Google built Android from the ground up to allow app developers to create native (and web-based) apps, oblivious of the inclusion of the Android Market, Android devices have always allowed you to install your own applications (as .apk files), without the need for rooting your device, unless you need to access some restricted parts of the OS/hardware, such as for WiFi Tethering.

        Apple, on the other hand, needed a big kick up the backside before they allowed native apps, which is something people seem to forget when crediting them with ‘innovating’ a Linux package manager-like service which supports paid products (and ties users into iTunes, with a restrictive censoring policy, even requiring devs to sign a horrible NDA early on).

      • Ian Nesbit

        the question is, was AppStore what made iPhone very popular or it’s the other way around? as far as i remember people wanted to get an iPhone with it’s basic features no matter what, then when it was jailbreaked apple thought of that AppStore and started working on it without prior planning which helped the iPhone sales, yet we have to consider that you must be Apple Developer with a MAC OS platform and experience to develop applications for the iPhone, the story is totally different with Google as they have been planning all the way to invade the smart phone market, that is why they are doing it right, first an OS (Andriod), then a device (Nexus Phone) followed by Application Store (Andriod Market ) which puts every developer into the Andriod market which is really open source

    • Shane Selman

      That’s a straw man. Apt and all the others you listed are just package/dependency managers.

      The app store itself is only half of what made the app store groundbreaking. The other, far more important aspect is the API and developer environment. Granted, Android has a similar tool chain, but it’s still Google taking up something that Apple did right.

      • The app store wasn’t original or groundbreaking in any way. BREW and J2ME phones have had app stores YEARS before Apple even started developing the iPhone. Apple also dragged its feet releasing an SDK – the API and dev environment is certainly not unique or even well done for the iPhone. Android’s SDK and APIs are lightyears ahead of the iPhone’s