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Coders Get a New Colleague — Barbie

There’s not a lot to say about this, but Barbie today got two new careers, and in one she’s a computer engineer! That’s right, coders of the world can now count Mattel’s (s MAT) best-selling toy among their ranks. Sorry, systems administrators!


Barbie’s new role was chosen through a contest Mattel created this year that let consumers pick what Barbie’s next job would be. Computer Engineer Barbie won the popular vote, while girls selected news anchor as Barbie doll’s next career (what’s wrong with blogger, girls?). Computer Engineer Barbie will go on sale sometime this winter. That’s a binary code patterned T-shirt she’s wearing, and a smartphone, Bluetooth headset and laptop bag she’s toting. But my question is, does Barbie use a Mac (s aapl) or a PC?

24 Responses to “Coders Get a New Colleague — Barbie”

  1. Tisiphone

    Pretty sure her shirt says Barbie repeatedly in ASCII.

    I think a witty game t-shirt and good jeans would have been more appropriate, but meh. I’ll take graphic designer barbie, too. Certainly never dressed like that as a network engineer :)

  2. What no starbucks coffee in her hands? No horn rimmed glasses wearing nerds drooling over a girl who knows that TCP/IP has nothing to do with the powder room?

    Still, this is an impressive move, and a sign of the times and future.

  3. Oh pleeease. “Mac or PC”. Gimme a break. The intellectual level that THAT conversation always levels up to is really not something you should try to associate with the positive image barbie is conveying.

    Computer Engineering in the vast majority of Universities maintains attendance levels of a stifling all-time low for women. What Mattel is doing will either be a good enforcement, or will have no measurable impact.

    But don’t wade in that silly corporate baloney of “Which Computer Manufacturer Rip-Off is the best Rip-Off.” Comp. Sci doesn’t concern itself with that, because by the time they’re done, that argument is left in the dust.

    Ps. She looks hawt ;>