Apple vs. Google: Who’s Evil?


I have long been amused by watching how the public’s perception of a company often changes as the company grows into a giant corporation. I remember when Microsoft (s msft) was just a hobbyist’s supplier of MS-DOS and BASIC, and how it became the “evil empire” in the eyes of many as it grew into the behemoth of today. The same has happened to Google (s goog) and Apple (s aapl), and we now see the two giants going head-to-head for our hearts (and dollars).

GigaOM has been watching this too, and have produced an outstanding graphic that shows Google and Apple squaring off in different areas. The graphic even points out what Steve Jobs really feels about Google. It’s worth a look on this Friday afternoon.

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Mike Cane

MS made itself evil, as the first Comment points out.

Apple did No Good with the creation of iTunes (read that history!) and then iBooks (which is the most recent example!). And Apple has rejected books on censorious grounds.

Google wants to steal ALL the books. And there’s some controversy about the PageRank algorithm’s creation.

Trust NONE of them.


Too much bandwidth wasted on a silly idea – who can declare something evil for everyone? Rather the focus is what choices I make based on my needs and desires for technology.



I would say Apple is Evil as their goal is to reduce choice, freedom and competition so that they can control of what runs on their devices. The app store is on the surface very useful but it is limiting what is running on their devices. Where are the alternatives to the built in applications ? I would say Apple started being Evil when Steve Jobs returned.

I am in two minds about how Evil Google are. They are certainly a company that is much easier to like than Apple.


Apple is evil because they force users of iphone/ipad to only use one application at a time, they won’t let users have flash support in their internet browsers and their prices are very high.


The title of this blog entry is still: “Apple vs. Google: Who’s Evil?” But then, the second paragraph conveniently goes into “evil empire” in the eyes of many, Microsoft. That’s great in attracting Apple fanbois bees to Microsoft-bashing honey. Next time, stick to the topic of the title, or better yet just change the title to maybe something like: “(Apple is getting killed by Google, but) Microsoft is evil.” About being evil, it’s really ironic that the 1994 Apple ad supposedly smashes Big Brother and free the masses from information monopoly. An Apple Think Different ad featured the Dalai Lama. These days, overhyped and overpriced Apple trinkets are the preferred fashion accessory of the wealthy elite, while Nokias in developing countries, and $250 Windows netbooks enable more and of the masses to access information, and the web. And the Apple App Store rejects the Dalai Lama app. Quite the Apple hypocrisy.

Directed Energy

Evil is a relative term. I still believe the Evil Empire lives in Redmond and is run by Dr. Evil himself (Steve Ballmer).

Apple spreads goodness throughout the mobile tech industry. The iPad is making beautiful waves of enlightenment as every developer on the planet is dreaming how to make the next killer iPad App.

Google is trying desperately to diversify beyond search because being a one-trick pony in the tech world can lead to a rather short lifespan.

IMO, neither Apple nor Google has risen to the level of Microsoft Evilness YET !


Hmmm. I just came here to say that neither Google nor Apple are evil, but they inherited the Silicon Valley culture of evil, first espoused by Andrew Grove and most successfully practiced by his disciple Bill Gates, that it is more important to destroy everything around you than to produce anything of value. I’m quite sure that neither Apple nor Google shares that philosophy. Obviously, Steve Jobs has a degree of nuttiness that is often mistaken for evil. Google has paranoia that is often mistaken for evil. But Microsoft has a LONG history of doing evil and yelling “Hey, look over there!”


Big business evil is driven by simple priority conflicts: Customers 1st, business 2nd vs business 1st, customers 2nd.

When the desire to dominate markets overrides taking care of customers, “do KNOW evil” results because domination occurs through legal, marketing, deal-making, etc.

Dominating markets because you do a good job combined with good marketing is stunningly different.


Apple is more evil. No one can be completely free of evil, but in Apple vs Google, Apple’s overpriced and overhyped trinkets are just shameful.


Remember Elliot Carver(ala Steve Jobs) in the James Bond
movie Tommorow Never Dies?

He’s going to sink one of Micrsofts progams and make it look like Google did it.

Google will retailiate with their own browsers of destruction.

While Google & Microsoft are battling it out against one another, he’s gonna take over the world!!!!


Google is the EVIL ONE. They are sneaky. They spied on Apple for years and followed on Apple’s area of growth. They also clandestinely collect personal information on their application users for nothing and sell the private information for their own profit. They are EVIL, SNEAKY SOB’S.

No Side

Apple is highly restrictive to development, sharing and open-source. Google has an open mind towards that. What I infer from these struggles is that Google is trying to stop Apple from becoming the next Microsoft. I don’t want to take Google’s side but it is a company that changed the outlook of modern day internet. But Apple and its products are sexy but pseudo-geeky.


Microsoft didn’t “become evil” when it became behemoth. It became evil by misusing it’s corporate power and tried to kill the very market that allowed it to prosper. At least be clear about the practices that ran it down the low road.

Bernard Fife

I agree 100 percent. Microsoft is more EVIL than Apple Google Intel and Cisco COMBINED !! They are easily the least innovative technology company in history. Virtually all of their products have been stolen or taken from other individuals or companies.


Apple and Google are not particularly innovative either, in the grand scheme. They just take other people’s ideas, throw $$$$$ at them, and package them for the masses. I’m not sure how Apple restricting apps on the iPhone is much different than Microsoft’s manipulations of what apps their Windows licensees could pre-install on systems. Google keeps pushing APIs and tools that allows them to amass more and more of everyone’s personal data.

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