Microsoft At MWC: Windows Mobile 7, Yes; Project Pink, No

Bing Windows Mobile App

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) will have its moment in the mobile spotlight at the World Mobile Conference in Barcelona Monday — and details are leaking out about what it has in store: Microsoft will (as widely expected) unveil the newest version of its mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 7. The WSJ says that Windows Mobile 7 will come with a user interface similar to Microsoft’s sleek Zune HD music player; Bloomberg also says the new operating system “will be more integrated with the … Xbox game machine and Zune music player, so users can share music and videos among Microsoft devices.”

New branding may also be on the way. All About Microsoft‘s Mary-Jo Foley speculates that phones running the operating system will be called “Windows Phone 7;” previously Microsoft had been referring to all Windows Mobile phones as “Windows Phones.”

What’s not being announced: The long-rumored (and top-secret) project “Pink” smartphone that Microsoft has been working on. But the WSJ does say the device — which is aimed at teens — could come to market as soon as this spring. The phone is being built by Sharp and will be sold by Verizon.

We’ll be on the ground in Barcelona and will provide live coverage here.

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