Palm Press: Flash Coming?


It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another Palm Press, our weekly look at the world of Palm. The rumor that Palm is stopping the production on much of its product line is true. It turns out that just about everything stops in Asia for the Chinese New Year, and Palm production is no different. Palm (s palm) stock-piled production in anticipation of the stoppage, so no shortage of units is expected.

Adobe (s adbe) has been talking Flash 10.1 for quite some time, and implied that the first smartphone to get support for it would be webOS-based. Word is leaking out that webOS 1.4 is due to trickle out next week, and the Flash support may indeed be in the update. It is expected that the Sprint (s s) phones will start receiving the update on Feb. 15, with no word when the newer models on the Verizon (s vz) network might get the 1.4 update. The other new feature expected in the new version of webOS is the ability to record video, something sorely lacking in all of the webOS phones.

Palm may be selling phones on the AT&T (s t) network soon, as per leaks at the FCC for models compatible with that network. The FCC information leads to the expectation that the Pre and Pixi will hit the new carrier in the May timeframe. Given Palm’s dropping smartphone share, this can’t come soon enough for the company.



At least this is some decent news for PALM. You have to wonder if the company is not bound for a takeover with the recent stock drubbing.


Hi James,

Actually Flash will not be included in the update. Adobe states at CES that it would be released through the App Store and not in an O/S update. Sprint might include drivers or code to facilitate the Flash support but Pre users probably won’t be able to use Flash after the update until Adobe releases it in the App Store which is supposed to be the end of Feb.

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